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5th Ed., College and Univ. Budgeting: A Guide for Academics & Other Stakeholders

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    Budgeting is inherently political. Too often, short-term goals overrun long-term institutional interests. By presenting the many layers of budgeting models with a clear, comparative framework, author Larry Goldstein, demonstrates the organic link between planning and budgeting, making it crystal clear that budgets and plans represent two sides of the same coin. Updated throughout to account for recent issues in budgeting, the fifth edition includes coverage of factors essential to the success of the budgeting process, including open communication with stakeholders, clear articulation of the budget to the strategic plan, budget implementation, and monitoring process, and the role of technology. This book also offers new academic administrators and faculty:

    • An introduction to budgeting Economic and political factors affecting the process
    • How to budget in difficult financial times
    • An insight into the role of the board in applying various budgeting approaches

    About the Author

    Larry Goldstein is president of Campus Strategies, LLC, a management consulting firm providing services to colleges and universities as well as organizations serving higher education. He previously served as NACUBO’s senior vice president and treasurer and as the University of Louisville’s chief financial officer. His campus experience covered 20 years in financial administration, including positions with The University of Chicago, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and the University of Virginia. Goldstein, a certified public accountant, earned a Bachelor of Accountancy degree from Walsh College and a Master of Science degree from the University of Virginia. He is a recipient of NACUBO’s Daniel D. Robinson Award in recognition of his contributions to higher education accounting and financial reporting.


    Special thanks to the Budgeting Publication Advisory Committee for their insights, comments, and advice in the review and development of this edition:

    • Craig Becker, Lafayette College
    • Linda Kroll, University of Notre Dame
    • Brett Fairbairn, University of Saskatchewan
    • Nicole Ferretti, University of Virginia
    • Brett Powell, Henderson State University
    • Jessica Shedd, Tulane University
    • Sue Menditto, NACUBO
    • Tadu Yimam, NACUBO

    Previous Editions

    Due to the release of the highly anticipated fifth edition (sold here), copies of the third and fourth editions will no longer be printed. However, they are both available in an electronic format through the Kindle and NOOK stores.

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